Prof. Patricia F. McDowell
Department of Geography
University of Oregon

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Spring 2011:

CAS 220: Science Circle
Geog 360: Watershed Science and Policy
Geog 4/527: Fluvial geomorphology

Winter 2011:

CAS 220: Science Circle
Geog 322: Geomorphology
Geog 607: Seminar on River Planform

Fall 2010

CAS 220: Science Circle
Past seminars: Geog 607: Seminar on River Restoration:  Practice and Critique
Geog 607: Seminar in Biohydrogeomorphology
Geog 607:  Seminar:  Reshaping the Grande Ronde River: Natural and Social Processes

Research web pages:
  Floods and Human Response Project
  Umatilla River classification system and digitizing plan

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Department of Geography
1251 University of Oregon
Eugene. OR 97403-1251

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Department office:  Room 107 Condon Hall
My office:  Room 152 Condon Hall
Condon Hall is at 1321 Kincaid St.

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