Geographic Data Analysis and Visualization:   Topics and Examples

Univariate plots

   enumerative plots

   summary plots



   simple maps  example 2  example 3


Bivariate plots

   scatter diagram examples

   plots for categorical data


Descriptive statistics

   univariate statistics

   univariate statistics examples

   bivariate statistics


Multivariate plots

   enhanced 2D scatter diagrams;
   3D scatter diagrams; contour, level and
   surface plots; and high-dimensional
   data plots


Trellis/Lattice plots

   coplots (conditioning plots)

   Lattice plots


High-resolution and high-dimensional data

  examples of plots

Spatial plots

   exploratory plots



Spatial neighbors and autocorrelation

   spatial neighbors

   Moran statistic example

   Moran statistic details


Reference distributions

   empirical reference distribution example

   the normal distribution PDF

   normal distribution example

   Central limit theorem

   theoretical reference distributions

   interpreting test statistics, p-values, etc.


Inferential statistics

   standard error of the mean

   simple inferential statistics

   the t-test

   c.i. for the mean and t-test examples

   analysis of variance (ANOVA)

   ANOVA examples

   tests of homogeneity of variance


Smoothing and non-parametric regression

   smoothing details

   lowess, loess and
      other bivariate  smoothers  


Regression analysis

   regression analysis details

   bivariate regression examples

   regression assumptions

   regression diagnostics examples

   multiple regression examples

   dummy-variable regression examples


Contouring and surface fitting

   interpolation basics

   3-d interpolation


   loess surfaces

   trend surfaces



Principal components and factor analyses

   interchangability of spaces

   principal components analysis

   factor analysis


MANOVA and Discriminant Analysis

   MANOVA details

   MANOVA example

   Discriminant analysis details

   Discriminant analysis example


Multivariate distances and cluster analysis

   simple distances

   Mahalanobis distances

   multidimensional scaling (MDS)

   cluster analysis


R Examples

   example session

   more examples


Manipulation and matrix algebra


   matrix algebra


Other examples and topics

   fitting an age model


netCDF and raster data

   netCDF in R

   raster and rasterVis

   netCDF and raster import/export 



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