Tactile Mapping Software

Who We Are

The Spatial and Map Cognition Research Lab.

What We Do

We study map use, navigation, and spatial thinking primarily. We use multiple measurement tools, including traditional laboratory and in-field behavioral methods as well as fMRI and eye-tracking. 

Where We Do It

SMCRL is a part of the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon - Eugene.

Tactile Mapping Software

As part of a project funded by NSF-HRD-Research in Disabilities Education (grant #0533251), we have created and tested Tactile Map Editor, software designed for use in the production of tactile maps and graphics. This software includes embedded tactile map symbols, which were developed in conjunction with the software. Please see a description of the project in the Projects - Facults section of this webpage. The symbols set is below.

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See symbol set here

Download the software here

Download the tutorial here

Tutorial Basemap: TM_Workshop.jpg

ASCII Braille Chart