Lab Students

Who We Are

The Spatial and Map Cognition Research Lab.

What We Do

We study map use, navigation, and spatial thinking primarily. We use multiple measurement tools, including traditional laboratory and in-field behavioral methods as well as fMRI and eye-tracking. 

Where We Do It

SMCRL is a part of the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon - Eugene.

Maureen Kelley (2006-present)

doctoral student, geography

Maureen is a PhD student in the Geography Department at the University of Oregon. She received both her masters and bachelors from the Geography Department at San Jose State University. While attending SJSU, Maureen worked at the United States Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California. Trained as a cartographer, she became more interested in how people use maps than improving production techniques. Her resulting masters thesis, “Visual perception of oriented map symbols,” introduced her to the world of perception and psychophysics.

Maureen's research areas are numerous like any geographer; but her primary interests are in map use issues, spatial abilities, and behavior. Her ultimate goal is to understand why some individuals shy away from using maps! Her current research topic deals with how people describe routes in an urban environment using different map types working under the supervision of  Amy Lobben at the University of Oregon and psychologist Sean Laraway at SJSU.

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Xiangkui Yao (2006-present)

doctoral student, computer and information science

Xiangkui, from mainland China, is currently a doctoral candidate in CIS at the Unviersity of Oregon. He received his MA in Political Science at the University of Oregon in 2004. Before he came to the US, he received his BA in Journalism from the Institute of International Relations in Beijing in 1998.

Xiangkui’s research areas include requirements engineering and wearable computing. His current research focuses on personalization problems from the perspective of requirements engineering. He looks at individual differences related to spatial abilities and the implications for providing navigation assistances to people with cognitive impairments. He is currently working under the supervision of Prof. Lobben and Prof. Fickas on the NSF-funded tactile map editing software. He is also interested in standard issues related to the high-tech industry and China.

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René Kladzyk (2009-present)

master's student, geography

René is a master’s student in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon.

René Kladzyk has worked in the SMCRL since September 2009. She has participated in the authorship and testing of the TaME tutorial. Her research explores mobility in the U.S./ Mexico border region.

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Josef Gordon (2010-present)

master's student, geography

Josef is a master’s student in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon.

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Derek Watkins (2010-present)

master's student, geography

Derek is a master’s student in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon.

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