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Saving your work

The current calculations may be saved in a tab-delimited text file at any time using the "Export Data..." option in the File menu.

When a file is exported, the parameter values for all calculations are printed in the console on the right side of the main window. The text of this window may be saved at any time (e.g., after exporting data files with many different parameter settings) for future reference. Use "Save Console Contents..." under the File menu. In addition, a portion of the text may be copied to the clipboard by selecting the rows to be copied, then selecting Copy under the Edit menu.

Using "Save Charster File" in the File menu will write an XML format that may be read by Charster (and shared between Windows and Macintosh versions). XML is a text file with tags such as <tagname> that indicate data fields. The Macintosh version creates this file in a file type that links it to the Charster program. For both Windows and Macintosh, Charster files should have the .c2r extension.

updated 21 June 2006