Note on installation and file extensions.
June 22, 2006

1. Download "" in binary format and expand using Stuffit
Expander. Also download the example file ( and unzip.
2. Place the program where you would like to use it.  Launch the program by
either clicking on the example data file or the program itself.

1. Download "" and unzip. Also download the example file
( and unzip.
2. Charster may be run from any directory on your computer. However, Charster
does not initially associate Charster data files (.c2r) with the Charster
program.  The following may fix this issue:
3. Place Charster where you would like the program to reside.
4. Right-click on Cooley.c2r and select "Open with..." from the contextual menu.
Create the association between .c2r files and the Charster program.  This
assumes that the extension .c2r is not already associated with another program. 
If it is, please contact the author.