Significant bugs to be addressed in September 2006 (version 0.9)
1. Data export: This option is sometimes not available.  The next version will 
export data regardless of the previous calculations.
2. Recalculate button: Sometimes this option is not available when indeed parameters 
have changed.
3. Peak magnitude analysis: This procedure frequenctly does not select to best 
samples to compare.  The 'back' button also may not work.
4. Crash protection: Protection will be added such that the program will not 
crash (possibly causing issues with the operating system), but rather it will
simply state an 'excecption' and require the data to be loaded again.
5. Issues with loading a new data set: Currently there may be issues with loading 
new data over old data.  Best to restart the program when using new data.
6. Recognizing .c2r files (macintosh).  There may be an issue here.