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Programs for tree-ring analysis
R code for analyses appearing in Gavin et al. 2008
Gavin, D.G., B. Beckage, and B. Osborn. 2008. Forest dynamics and the growth decline of red spruce and sugar maple on Bolton Mountain, Vermont: a comparison of modeling methods. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38: 2635-2649.

Each file is a distinct function. In general each function provides output needed for the next function. Descriptions are included within each function.

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K1D icon
K1D Version 1.2

Last update: July 2010

A program to analyze the dependence of two or more time event records using the Ripley K-function on one dimension. Examines multiple hypotheses regarding the form of relationship between events.
User's Guide (.pdf)
Mac OS X (.zip)
Windows (.zip)
[Example data file] [Example intensity file]
RealBASIC Project file (.zip)

Some studies that have implemented this software:
  • Gavin, D.G., F.S. Hu, K.P. Lertzman and P. Corbett. 2006. Weak climatic control of forest fire history during the late Holocene. Ecology 87:1722-1732.
  • Hu, F.S., L.B. Brubaker, D.G. Gavin, P.E. Higuera, J.A. Lynch, T.S. Rupp and W. Tinner. 2006. How climate and vegetation influence the fire regime of the Alaskan Boreal biome: The Holocene perspective. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 11:829-846.
  • Bigler, C., D.G. Gavin, C. Gunning and T.T. Veblen. 2007. Drought induces lagged tree mortality in a subalpine forest in the Rocky Mountains. Oikos 116:1983-1994.
  • Schoennagel, T., T.T. Veblen, D. Kulakowski and A. Holz. 2007. Multidecadal climate variability and interactions among Pacific and Atlantic sea surface temperature anomalies affect subalpine fire occurrence, western Colorado (USA). Ecology.
  • Long, C.J., C. Whitlock and P.J. Bartlein 2007. Holocene vegetation and fire history of the Coast Range, western Oregon, USA. The Holocene 17:917-926.
  • Ali, A.A., C. Carcaillet and Y. Bergeron. 2009. Long-term fire frequency variability in the eastern Canadian boreal forest: the influences of climate vs. local factors. Global Change Biology 15:1230-1241.
  • Carcaillet, C., A.A. Ali, O. Blarquez, A. Genries, B. Mourier, and L. Bremond. 2009. Spatial variability of fire history in subalpine forests: From natural to cultural regimes. Ecoscience 16:1-12.
  • Hallett, D.J. and R.S. Anderson. 2010. Paleofire reconstruction for high-elevation forests in the Sierra Nevada, California, with implications for wildfire synchrony and climate variability in the late Holocene
    Quaternary Research 73: 180-190.

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AET Calculator

Last update: March 2007

A program for computing the annual climatic water balance using the modified Thornthwaite method.
User's Guide (.pdf)
Mac OS X (.zip)
Windows (.zip)

Example input data:
AET Calculator; R Code
This is the same code as used in the stand-alone program used above, however, it uses DAILY data and computes variables based on a daily time step.  Thus, it is more realistic, though it applies to daily data relationships that were developed for monthly data.  The effect of this has not been explored.   Knowledge of R language is needed.
Program file (last update: March 2009): AET_calculator.txt
Example data file: BTV_HCN_DAILY.csv
GDD Calculator; R Code
Computes accumulated growing degree-days using daily climate data and the Baskerville-Emin sine-curve method.  Example input data same as above.
Program file (last update: March 2009): GDD_calculator.txt

charster icon
Charster; version 0.8.3

Last update: June 2006

A program for the exploratory analysis and archiving of lake sediment charcoal records.

More sophisticated analyses are implemented in the next-generation software by Phil Higuera: http://CharAnalysis.googlepages.com.  See the User's Guide for a comparison of these programs.

Bug list.
User's Guide (HTML)
Max OS X (.zip)
Windows (.zip)
Example raw data file for import (.txt)
Example Charster file (.zip) Installation notes (esp. for Windows users).