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Environmental Change Research Group | Geography Department

We study the influences of natural disturbances and climate change on the composition and structure of forests, at several scales in space and time, through the use of interdisciplinary approaches.  We use lake sediments to reconstruct past climate events and their effects on ecosystems.  We also use records of tree growth (tree rings) and spatial analyses to address processes operating more recently.

See an interactive map of our study sites.

Climate Refugia workshop (Two reports published from the August 2012 workshop).

Revealing Nature's Past: High-school curriculum for teaching climate-change concepts and an introduction to paleoecology.

News  [News archive]
New papers out from the Refugia Workshop.
Incoming students and post-docs beginning summer and fall 2014:
  • Christoph Schw√∂rer, post-doctoral researcher, from the University of Bern, will be working on tree-line dynamics on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Geoffrey Johnson, MS Student, will be working on an Oregon Sea Grant project addressing the history of water quality in Coos Bay, OR.
  • Jessica Jones, an undergraduate intern, is beginning laboratory work.
Erin Herring defended her Ph.D. dissertation Late Quaternary and Holocene paleoecology of the interior mesic forests of northern Idaho. Congratulations Erin!
Two papers accepted emerging from our recently completed Joint Fire Science Program grant.
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