Paleoecology Lab
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People in the lab

Research associates and affiliates

Ph.D. Students

  • Lauren Hendricks - Climate change, ecology, fire history and disturbance regimes, spatial analysis, cartography
  • Geoffrey Johnson - Forest Ecology, Environmental History, Climage Change, Human-Environmental Interactions
  • Chantel Saban - Paleoecology, fire history, Great Basin, human paleoecology.

Master's Students

  • Kate Hayes - Paleoecology, climate change, fire history and disturbance regimes - coast redwood


Past interns and technicians

  • Brynn Harrison - Organic matter records from the full glacial period in the Oregon Coast Range
  • Thomas Barber - Macrofossil analysis from lakes cores from British Columbia
  • Bryce Winkelman - Charcoal record of fire history in northern Idaho
  • Kira Hoffman Visiting PhD student from the University of Victoria - fire and forest structure on Calvert Island, British Columbia (Winter 2015).
  • Jessica Jones - Laboratory assistant 2014-2015
  • Mieke Vrijmoet (Bennington College Field Work Term) - Pollen record from a 16-meter long, 14,000 year, lake sediment core from northern Idaho (Winter 2014).
  • Emma Brenneman - Climate and volcanic tephra influence on sediment organic matter over the past 14,000-years from a levee lake in northern Idaho.
  • Christina George - UCORE student, summer 2011; post-glacial biogenic silica record from northern Idaho. Christina was the most recent of four total UCORE students hosted in the lab.
  • Sam Somerville (dendrochronology) - Currently working for the USGS Western Ecological Research Center Las Vegas Field Station.
  • Elizabeth Schneider - Tree-ring analysis from samples from eastern Oregon. - Currently a Masters student at the University of Tennessee.