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News Archive
2016 Sediment buried in Oregon Coast Range points to a frosty past: New paper in Science Advances on erosion history of the Oregon Coast Range.
2016 Areas of endemism in the context of postglacial vegetation change: New paper in Frontiers of Biogeography.
2016 New paper out by former PhD Student Erin Herring on Climate and vegetation since the Last Interglacial (MIS 5e) in a putative glacial refugium.
2016 Aquila Flower's study of budworm-fire synergisms published in PLoS One.
2015 Welcome to Kira Hoffman, a PhD student visiting from UVic, who will be here on a fellowship until April 2015.
2014 Ariana White completed her Masters thesis Postglacial Vegetation Change in the Interior Temperate Rainforest of British Columbia.
Summer 2014 Incoming students and post-docs beginning summer and fall 2014:
  • Christoph Schw√∂rer, post-doctoral researcher, from the University of Bern, will be working on tree-line dynamics on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • Geoffrey Johnson, MS Student, will be working on an Oregon Sea Grant project addressing the history of water quality in Coos Bay, OR.
  • Jessica Jones, an undergraduate intern, is beginning laboratory work.
June 2014 Erin Herring defended her Ph.D. dissertation Late Quaternary and Holocene paleoecology of the interior mesic forests of northern Idaho. Congratulations Erin!
Summer 2014 Two papers accepted emerging from our recently completed Joint Fire Science Program grant.
March 2014 Dave Fisher accepted a job in Seattle with the Natural Capital Project. Congrats, Dave!
June 2013 Congratulations to Aquila Flower for accepting a tenure-track position at Western Washington University! Her dissertation Western spruce budworm, climate, and forest fire interactions in the Interior Pacific Northwest: a Multi-century Dendrochronological Analysis was successfully defended June 2013.
May 2013 Dave Fisher presented his Masters thesis Postglacial transient dynamics of Olympic Peninsula forests: Comparing predictions and observations (May 13, 2013)
May 2013 Just out: Gavin D.G., and Hu F.S. (2013) Northwestern North America. In: Elias S.A. (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, Vol. 4 pp. 124-132. Amsterdam: Elsevier.
May 2013 New paper on the dynamic character of forests of the western Olympic Peninsula is now in press in Ecological Monographs.
May 2013 Oregon's Orphan Redwood paper is now out in Northwest Science.
April 2013 Paper by Jenn Marlon in Nature Geosciences is one of the editors' ten favourite papers in their web focus that celebrates the fifth anniversary of the journal!
Climate and human influences on global biomass burning over the past two millennia.
International Biogeography Society Biennial Meeting, January 10-12, Miami FL, was a grand success! See program and highlights at the IBS website.
Fall 2012 Two workshop reports published from the August PAGES workshop: Climate Refugia: Joint Inference from Fossils, Genetics and Models.
August 2012 Lab members present at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland, August 2012:
  • Dave Fisher: Postglacial dynamics of Olympic Peninsula forests: Comparing predictions and observations.
  • Dan Gavin and Linda Brubaker: Postglacial climate and fire-mediated forest diversity on the western Olympic Peninsula, Washington.
  • Erin Herring: Climate and vegetation in a putative Pleistocene refugium in northern Idaho inferred from sediment records.
June 2012 Aquila Flower wins an NSF DDRI and a grant from the Mazamas to conduct paleo-ecosystem ecology using isotopic records from tree rings.
May 2012 Jenn Kusler presents her MS thesis A 7500-Year Paleolimnological Record of Environmental Change and Salmon Abundance In The Oregon Coast Range.
April 2012 Erin Herring wins first place in the poster competition at the Northwest Science meeting.
April 2012 Aquila Flower presented her work on budworm outbreak and fire history at the Central Oregon Fire Science Symposium, April 17-18, in Bend.
March 2012 Lab members present at the Northwest Scientific Association meeting in Boise, March 2012:
  • Dave Fisher: Synthesizing and Visualizing Late Pleistocene Changes in Olympic Peninsula Forest Composition
  • Dan Gavin and Linda Brubaker: Postglacial Climate and Fire-Mediated Forest Diversity on the Western Olympic Peninsula, Washington.
  • Erin Herring: Climate and Vegetation in a Putative Pleistocene Refugium in Northern Idaho Inferred from a 120,000-Year Sediment Record.
  New detailed paleoclimate record from British Columbia:
  • Gavin, D.G., A.C.G. Henderson, K.S. Westover, S.C. Fritz, I.R. Walker, M.J. Leng and F.S. Hu. 2011. Abrupt Holocene climate change and potential response to solar forcing in western Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews. [doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2011.03.003]  [Data]
  Erin Herring receives research funding from the Northwest Scientific Association for her project: Climate and vegetation in a putative Pleistocene refugium in northern Idaho inferred from a >100,000 year paleorecord.

Updated June 2013.