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Title Star Meadows (Idaho): Pollen, sediment composition.
Reference Herring, E.M. and D.G. Gavin. 2015. Climate and vegetation since the last interglacial (MIS 5e) in a putative glacial refugium, northern Idaho, USA. Quaternary Science Reviews 117: 82-95
Files SMI_data.xlsx

Title Yahoo Lake (Washington): Pollen, macrofossils, and charcoal.
Reference Gavin, D.G., L.B. Brubaker and D.N. Greenwald. 2013. Postglacial climate and fire mediated vegetation change on the western Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Ecological Monographs: 83:471–489.
Files yahoo_lake_data.xlsx

Title Eleanor Lake (British Columbia, Canada): Biogenic silica, pollen, diatoms, and other data.
Reference Gavin, D.G., A.C.G. Henderson, K.S. Westover, S.C. Fritz, I.R. Walker, M.J. Leng and F.S. Hu. 2011. Abrupt Holocene climate change and potential response to solar forcing in western Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews 30:1243-1255.
Files Gavin_QSR_2011.xlsx

Title Upper Squaw Lake (Oregon, USA): Paleoecological records [charcoal, pollen, 14C dates, magnetic susceptibility, more]
Reference Colombaroli, D. and D.G. Gavin. 2010. Highly episodic fire and erosion regime over the past 2000 years in the Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. http://www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1007692107
Files colombaroli_USL.xls

Title Redmountain Lake and Gerry Lake (British Columbia, Canada): Paleoecological records [pollen, macrofossils, LOI, 14C dates].
Reference Gavin, D.G., F.S. Hu, I.R. Walker, and K.S. Westover. 2009. The northern inland temperate rainforest of British Columbia: Old forests with a young history? Northwest Science 83:70-78.
Files [coming soon]

Title Bolton Mountain (Vermont, USA): Tree-ring measurements and metadata
Reference Gavin, D.G., B. Beckage, and B. Osborne. 2008. Forest dynamics and the growth decline of red spruce and sugar maple on Bolton Mountain, Vermont: a comparison of modeling methods. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38: 2635-2649.
Files Map of tree locations: bolton.png
List of tree locations and attributes: bolton_fieldnotes.xls
Core attributes: see hemlock worksheet for column descriptions: Bolton_core_attributes.xls
Raw ring-width measurements (Tucson decadal format): [hemlock, 360 m] [maple, 550 m] [maple, 725 m] [spruce, 725 m] [spruce, 900 m] [fir, 900 m]

Title Cooley Lake and Rockslide Lake (British Columbia, Canada): Paleoecological records [charcoal, pollen, 14C dates , bathymetry maps, minerology, macrofossils, tree ages]
Reference Gavin, D.G., F.S. Hu, K.P. Lertzman and P. Corbett. 2006. Weak climatic control of forest fire history during the late Holocene. Ecology 87:1722-1732. [PDF]
Files Cooley.xls

Title Olympic Peninsula (Washington, USA): Modern pollen assemblages
Reference Gavin, D.G., L.B. Brubaker, J.S. McLachlan, and W.W. Oswald 2005. Correspondence of pollen assemblages with forest zones across steep environmental gradients, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA. The Holocene 15:648-662. [PDF]
Files olympic_surface_sample_data.xls

Title Moose Lake and Martins Lake, Olympic Peninsula, (Washington, USA): Paleoecological records [pollen, charcoal, macrofossils, 14C dates]
Reference Gavin, D.G., J.S. McLachlan, L.B. Brubaker and K.A. Young. 2001. Postglacial history of subalpine forests, Olympic Peninsula, WA, USA. The Holocene: 11:177-188. [PDF]
Files Moose.xls

Title Clayoquot Valley (British Columbia, Canada): Fire history [soil charcoal radiocarbon dates]
Reference Gavin, D.G., L.B. Brubaker, and K.P. Lertzman 2003. Holocene fire history of a coastal temperate rain forest based on soil charcoal radiocarbon dates. Ecology 84:186-201. [PDF]
Link http://www.esapubs.org/archive/ecol/E084/004/

Title Clayoquot Lake (British Columbia, Canada): Paleoecological records [charcoal, macrofossils]
Reference Gavin, D.G., L.B. Brubaker, and K.P. Lertzman 2003. An 1800-year record of the spatial and temporal distribution of fire from the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33:573-586. [PDF]

Gavin, D.G. 2000. Holocene fire history of a coastal temperate rainforest, Vancouver Island, Canada. PhD dissertation. University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Files CQ_core_data.xls