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Our research addresses the variability of past climates and the biogeographic and ecosystem consequences of that variability, with implications for gauging threats of ongoing climate change, land use, and population growth.

  • Patrick Bartlein
    • Paleoclimatology
    • Paleoclimate model intercomparison
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • Vegetation modeling responses to past climate change
  • Daniel Gavin
    • Quaternary paleoecology: Influences of natural disturbances and climate change on ecosystems on the time scale of centuries to millennia.
    • Multi-proxy studies from lake sediments and tree rings.
    • Refugia of biodiversity during the glacial maximum and other climate events
  • Lucas Silva
    • Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Interactions
    • Terrestrial ecology
    • Climate change impacts on natural and managed lands
Recent publications  [News archive]
High resolution lake sediment record reveals self‐organized criticality in erosion processes regulated by internal feedbacks.
Millennial-scale decline in coho salmon abundance since the middle Holocene in a coastal Oregon watershed, USA.
Underlying causes of Eurasian midcontinental aridity in simulations of mid-Holocene climate. By Bartlein, Harrison, and Izumi.
Holocene tree line changes in the Canadian Cordillera are controlled by climate and topography.
On a wet British Columbia island, historical fires likely were human products. The second paper from Kira Hoffman's fire history study has been published in Royal Society Open Science. Kira was a visiting researcher on a fellowship in spring 2015.
Plant-microbe interactions control carbon & nitrogen accrual in forest soils.
New UO researcher finds surprise growth in Tibetan forest. New UO assistant professor Lucas Silva's paper in Science Advances.
New Report: Oregon 2100: projected climatic and ecological changes.
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Other stuff
Late Pleistocene and Holocene Environmental Change on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington by D.G. Gavin and L.B. Brubaker.

Climate Refugia workshop (Two reports published from the August 2012 workshop).

Revealing Nature's Past: High-school curriculum for teaching climate-change concepts and an introduction to paleoecology.

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