Course Announcement and Tentative Topics
Spring 2016, 10:00-11:20 M & W, 207 Chapman 
Instructor:  Patrick J. Bartlein, 154 Condon Hall, x6-4967,

Text:  .pdfs on Canvas and materials from the web

Prerequisites:  Geog 141, or consent of instructor.

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Grading:  100 pts. total.  Two examinations (20 pts each, weeks 5 and 10), four quizzes  (5 pts each), plus completion of ten exercises that involve the analysis of information from the Internet that illustrates the day-to-day and seasonal variations of weather and climate (4 pts each, 40 pts total for the exercises).

Lecture topics

  • Introduction—the climate system
  • Composition and structure of the atmosphere
  • Solar radiation
  • Energy balance of the earth and atmosphere
  • Atmospheric moisture
  • Adiabatic processes, clouds and precipitation
  • Atmospheric motion
  • General circulation of the atmosphere
  • Airmasses and fronts, Interannual climate variations
  • Upper-level flow and surface-weather features
  • Midlatitude cyclones and severe weather
  • Tropical storms and hurricanes
  • Air pollution and heat islands
  • Climate history
  • Future climates

Department of Geography, University of Oregon, Eugene 97403-1251