W. Andrew Marcus
Professor & Head
Department of Geography
University of Oregon

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Binghamton 2006 SymposiumAtlas of Yellowstone

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Winter, 2010 CAS220, Science Scholars Circle
  Geog 620, Theory and Practice of Geography

Fall, 2009

CAS 220, Science Scholars Circle

Geog 608, Thesis Work and Writing

Geog 609, Entering Grad School

Spring, 2009 Geog 621, Geographic Research and Practice

Binghamton 2006 Symposium: The Human Role in Changing Fluvial Systems

co-hosted by L. Allan James and W. Andrew Marcus - commemorating the 50th anniversary of Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth (Thomas, 1956)

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Comments on behalf of UO Faculty and Staff at the Formal Closing of Campaign Oregon, March 06, 2009

Outgoing remarks as University Senate President, May 25, 2005

Acceptance speech on receipt of the G.K. Gilbert Award for Excellence in Geomorphic Research

Remarks at University Convocation, Oct 25, 2004

Remarks at University Convocation, Oct 24, 2003

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Research Interests and Graduate Advising:  I work with students studying disturbance impacts on the hydrology, geomorphology and riparian vegetation of streams, and on methods for documenting and modeling those impacts. Much of this work and that of my students has been in the Yellowstone ecosystem and in mountain environments.

  • I supervise student work in the following general research areas:

    • Disturbance impacts on stream habitats

    • Hydraulic, geomorphic, and sediment transport processes in streams

    • Remote sensing, mapping and modeling of streams and riparian vegetation

    • Fate and effects of mining sediments in stream systems

    • Environmental education

  • List of Theses supervised by W.A. Marcus

  • List of Refereed Articles coauthored with students

  • Ongoing research with Patricia McDowell (P.I.), Michael Hughes (Research Associate)

  • Recent publications available on the web (pdf format)

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E-mail:  marcus@uoregon.edu

Phone (with voice mail):  541-346-5709


    office phone: 541-346-4555

    office fax: 541-346-2067

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     Department of Geography

     1251 University of Oregon

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Street address:
     Department office:  Room 107 Condon Hall
     My office:  Room 109 Condon Hall
     Condon Hall is at 1321 Kincaid St. (kitty corner from the UO Book Store)

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